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Bridge Event

Blue Zone Health


Blue Zone Health describes the characteristic lifestyles and environments of the world’s longest-lived people. The term first appeared in a Nov. 2005 National Geographic magazine story by Dan Buettner, “The Secrets of a Long Life.” He identified five geographic areas where people live statistically longest: Okinawa (Japan), Sardinia (Italy), Nicoya (Costa Rica), Icaria (Greece), and among Seventh-day Adventists in Loma Linda, CA.


Longevity Secrets of the Loma Linda Blue Zone

Centenarians Guide to Longevity: Loma Linda, CA

Maria Shriver Reveals Secrets of ‘Blue Zones’

Bridge Events Are...

Short-run Events

These two-to-five-night events address a felt need in your community and introduce people to your church without the barriers that are often associated with longer series evangelism.


At SermonView, we design with you in mind. So every one of our bridge events are personalized to meet your unique needs and put your church front and center of your community.


SermonView Bridge Events encourage a lasting spirit of evangelism and growth in your members, as guests to your bridge events are more likely to also attend annual reaping series.


Your community's felt needs are constantly changing with the times, so SermonView Bridge Events change with them. These powerful resources target felt needs in your community, year-round.

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Blue Zone Health Rides Complete Bundle

Complete Bundle Includes:

(1) 2′ x 5′ Indoor Banner w/ Stand

(1) 8′ x 4′ Outdoor Banner

(500) Custom 4″ x 6″ Invitation Cards

Website & Telephone Registration Platform

  • Website registration platform
  • Custom telephone phone number
  • Social media and email invitation system

($500 value) Facebook Ad Campaign

(25) 11" x 17" Posters

(5,000) 6" x 11" Jumbo Mailers (Includes design, print, list rental, mailing services & postage)

Special access to online materials that will enhance your meetings.

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Promotional Resources

These resources may be purchased individually as an add-on to your bridge event campaign.

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About the Program: Blue Zone Health

Blue Zone Health is a campaign designed for slightly older demographics that want to hear about the benefits of healthy living in relationship to longevity.

This campaign builds credibility for Adventist churches that want to reach their community with a health message–helping to develop a bridge between the church and health.

Blue Zone Health is designed for:
1) Communities focused on healthy living, and
2) Communities with an average age over 50.

It is NOT designed for younger, family, or millennial communities.

“We’ve done meetings in Medford before, but these were our best results yet. We had 217 people at opening night. One long-time member said this is the most non-SDAs he’s seen in our church ever. This event exceeded our expectations.”

Bryan Del Valle
Medford SDA Church

Downloadable Resources

All SermonView bridge event campaigns include exclusive access to downloadable, ready-to-use resources designed by us, for churches.

Presentation Slides (SD & HD Versions)

Blank slides specially crafted to accompany your meeting with coordinating graphics and ready-to-use formats.

Bulletin Inserts and Announcements

Full-color inserts and bulletin announcements for the weeks leading up to your event.

Event Graphics Content

All campaigns include exclusive graphics content, logo files, Facebook-ready images, corresponding web graphics, and more—designed to speak to your community’s felt needs.

Promotional Slides

Matching slides designed to advertise your meetings to your members weeks before the big event.

Prayer Cards

A simple prayer list handout for your congregation, to invite them to pray for an opportunity to invite specific people.

Plus More!

Each campaign comes with a unique bundle of downloadable resources designed to help you lead successful meetings, from start to finish.

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